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THK 轴承

THK光轴 直线轴承 滑动轴承 线形轴承,具体型号请直接联系我们。

Linear Bushing
With the Linear Bushing nut having the most accurate cylindrical shape, this type is widely used.
Linear Bushing flanged type
The nut is integrated with a flange. This enables this model to be directly mounted onto the housing with bolts, thus achieving easy installation.
Linear Bushing
Since the small, lightweight aluminum casing contains one unit of model LM and two units of model SL, it can easily be mounted simply by securing it with the table using bolts.
LM Shaft End Support
An aluminum-made light fulcrum for securing an LM shaft. Since the LM shaft mounting section has a slit, the fulcrum is capable of firmly securing an LM shaft using bolts.
LM Stroke Model ST
A standard type and a seal type are available. In addition, each of both is divided into light-load and medium-load types.
Miniature Stroke Model MST
A ball-based precision rolled bearing capable of performing linear motion, rolling motion and a combination of both.
Die-setting Ball Cage Model KS/BS
A ball cage mainly used in the guide of precision diesetting guide posts, and capable of easily following high-speed reciprocating motion.

THK 轴承


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